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About Us

A woman on a beach in Oahu Hawaii


If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you would know the pure peace, happiness and glow that it brings to your soul. You experience this indescribable feeling of aloha, simplicity and paradise as you walk along the beach, stroll down the street or stop at a small food stand. I first went to Hawaii in 2016 and as cheesy as it sounds, it changed my life forever. I have been back to Hawaii every year since and have enjoyed my time just as much as I did the very first time.

In 2020, I had a trip to Hawaii planned but it was cancelled because of Covid-19. While I didn’t get to go to my happy place this year, I picked up a few quarantine hobbies and found a new passion for candle making. Since I can’t physically experience the golden Hawaiian sun, the clear blue beaches or the island lifestyle, I hope to bring aloha to you in a jar wherever you are.

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